Our Story

As a young teenager, Will learned to open clams while working at Tully’s Clam Bar, which was connected to his uncle’s Fish Market and Restaurant. Soon Will was shucking oysters and learning the ropes at the catering company “Art of Eating,” under chef Cheryl Stair. Will also assisted chef Gail Arnold for several summers in the mid-90’s. It was an incredible education that imbued Will with a deep appreciation for the joy of preparing food.

Will soon earned a BFA in directing from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC. After directing a low budget independent feature at the age of 25, Will moved to Los Angeles to try and find work in film. But he always found himself working in the food world.

Will married Kristen Campos in 2008. Two years later, they had a baby girl, Kyler Bliss Tully. And everything changed.

Will chose to be a stay-at-home Dad the first three and half years of Kyler’s life. during that time Will got the itch to do something creative with his time and passions. Soon he had devised an idea that would integrate all he knew and loved: film, cooking, family and parenthood.

Shot in his own kitchen, with some help from friends, “Cooking with Kyler” captures all the hilarity and deliciousness that make living with kids such an adventure. Will believes everyone should learn from their mistakes and never be afraid to take chances. “If you’re not willing to make mistakes,” he says, “you will never come up with anything original. I’m not afraid to try cooking or preparing something new.”

Of course these videos aren’t Will’s alone. Kyler is the true star of the show — a musical, compassionate and utterly enjoyable (now 8-year-old) who loves playdates with friends, swimming and going on adventures. Kyler is a champ in the kitchen and an inspiration every day, and her great attitude and love of cooking have made her the heart of Cooking With Kyler. (It ain’t Cooking With Will!)

Will believes that when children are actively involved in the food they eat, they will develop lifelong good habits. Food is the ultimate teacher, synthesizing lessons in history, geography, math, science, and language. Will encourages parents and caregivers to “be inspired, get creative, and include the kids.”