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Sponsored Videos For Your Product!

We love showcasing great products and want to showcase your product on “Cooking With Kyler”! We work with companies like yours in a few different ways!

Your Own Branded Video:

• Create Videos that are solely branded to you and your product. While we retain the rights to all “Cooking With Kyler” logos and concepts – you can use our brand to further promote your product exclusively on your sites!
• Our videos include filming, editing, script and your product branding up to 5 minutes. We will even help create a fun recipe with your product if needed!
• We offer discounts at 5 videos. Will Tully (Kyler’s Dad!) is a passionate home cook with a film background from School of Visual Arts – NYC and film production. Invest in recipe creation, product demonstrations and branded video content for your business and shared with thousands of foodies!

Let’s create a strategy for your own branded videos by clicking here: contact us

Sponsored Videos On “Cooking With Kyler” Website and Social Sites:

• We provide one video showcasing your product on “Cooking With Kyler” See our example of our affiliate relationship with “Hello Fresh” here:
• We will create a “Cooking With Kyler” video and showcase this on our Facebook, Twitter, Google + Branding Page, Instagram and our YouTube Channel, providing you with great exposure to an audience that’s all about cooking with families and kids!
• Once we create the video – you can easily share that content to all your social sites! Great way to have content created for your own social sites. “Tag” our social sites when able to gain more exposure for your brand through our sphere of happy cooking families!

Learn more by contacting us for the opportunity to share your product or service with our fans by clicking here! 

Sponsored Giveaways:

Want to get your product in the hands of new families to try? We can do that with a fun sponsored giveaway! We create a product video much like a “Sponsored Video” above – but we let everyone watching know they can receive a product for themselves.
• For smaller items and giveaways of products under $200: We prefer a simple way for our fans to contact you directly for product fulfillment. (or receive a coupon) We’ll work on this together!
• For larger items and giveaways of 1-2 items .. we are more than happy to create a contest that encourages our audience to compete for your product giveaway! We work with branded hashtags on these contests and look forward to working with you on a contest promotion that fits your business objectives!

Contact us  for Giveaway ideas and prices!

How we worked with KitchenAid for a sponsored giveaway: